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The Argument that Went Nowhere

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Have you ever been in an argument that went nowhere? One where neither side would admit to a tie without calling the other side an idiot? One where one or both sides just “couldn’t give up,” without the other trying to continue? Was the argument so heated that “agreeing to disagree” would be an admission of defeat?

The Argument that Went Nowhere

I feel strongly about my side; you feel strongly about your side. You poke as many holes in my argument as I poke in yours. I pushed some of your buttons and got you going, you pushed some of my buttons and got me going. Our argument went nowhere, and annoyed everyone else who had to listen to it.

We have a tie on a sore and controversial topic. Some of my facts were as valid as yours, just as some of your inaccuracies were as invalid as mine. We both have a good idea of what we were talking about, but clearly I think that I know more then you, and clearly you think that you know more then me.

I hope that you don’t think I’m going to ruin my life because I choose a viewpoint that is opposite to the viewpoint that I think will ruin your life. Neither of us wants to give the other the final word, because that would be an admission of defeat. Let’s just shake hands, remain friends, and not bring this up ever again?