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Modem Magic

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After writing “It Doesn’t Suck,” I discovered Impulse Tracker, a tracking program that, although based on Scream Tracker, offered many improvements over the original. I was inspired to write this track after I created a simple answering machine message based on sampled modem sounds. Most of the samples in this track are telephone and modem samples that I created; although a few are from other sources. I consider this to be my favorite track of my three techno tracks.

It Doesn't Suck

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I originally wrote this track using Scream Tracker during the winter of my sophomore year of high school. It is the first piece of music that I wrote. I named it “It Doesn’t Suck,” because I feel the title described the song perfectly… I wasn’t crazy about the music, but I felt that it wasn’t altogether that bad. The version presented here is not the original; I shortened it because I felt that the original was too long and repetitive.

Extended (Original) Version, as a Rondo: