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Andy Rondeau's Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Speaker Project

I currently own a set of self-built DIY Voight Pipes.  There are four traditional pipes used for both my front and surround speakers, and a modified pipe for my center channel.  All five speakers use a single Radio-Shack 8" 35-Watt full-range driver.  (40-1044)  What follows are two pages, one describing my the construction and use of the five speakers, and the other describing my quest to magnetically shield the drivers so that they won't interfere with my television and cause data loss.

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The Speakers and their Construction

Magnetically Shielding the Drivers

Large, High-Quality Images

Voight Pipe Links

A page about the theory behind the pipes  (alt)

A page describing a folded Voight Pipe project, for those who donít want 6-foot tall speakers

This is the original Voight Pipe page that I read.  I used the plans from here  (alt)

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